Orthodontic treatment is an excellent investment in the overall dental, medical, and psychological well-being of children and adults.

We offer a zero percent interest, in-house payment plan with an initial payment collected on the day braces are placed. This is followed by pre-authorized monthly payments in order to pay the remaining balance.

Our office extends a free consultation courtesy to those patients with multiple family members undergoing treatment.

Our fees will include all appliances (braces), and the progress visits required to complete the planned treatment in our office. Our fees do not include any dental treatment performed outside this office, or any lost and/or broken retainers.


1. Orthodontic insurance coverage is not the same as general dental insurance coverage. Please contact your insurance representative to determine whether or not you have orthodontic coverage.
2. If you do have orthodontic coverage, we will submit a Pre Determination form to your insurance carrier.
3. Your insurance carrier will advise you directly, in writing, as to coverage and benefits once the Pre Determination form is submitted.
4. All initial and monthly payments are made directly to our office. Upon payment you will receive a receipt, which you will attach to one of your group insurance forms.   Before submitting, you must enter:
a. your group number and policy number into the Patient Identification section
b. the dental codes specified by your insurer into the appropriate box.
5. Submit the completed insurance form with receipt for reimbursement from your carrier.
6. In a situation where there are multiple insurance plans with orthodontic coverage, the person with the birth date earlier in the calendar year is considered the primary (or first) subscriber.
7. We do not accept payment from the insurance carrier directly to our office.

To help us with your insurance forms, please complete the insurance portion on our questionnaire. We will send a Pre Determination to your insurance provider after the Final Consultation appointment to verify your insurance benefits.